Packed to the Max! Loaded from Top to Bottom! Closets, Cabinets and Drawers … all packed. We really didn’t know how much we would find, or how many unique items we would find, until we started setting up! Items include:

  • Unique Decorative Items from Foreign Places
  • Carved Chairs and Unusual Chests
  • Dining Room Table with 6 Chairs
  • Vintage Hat Rack, Stenciled Stacking Tables and Bedroom Furnishings
  • Vanity and Mirror from another Era
  • Clocks and Unusual Lamps
  • Loads of Decorative Items & Serving Pieces throughout the house
  • African Statuary and Drums
  • Musical Instruments – String and Wind
  • Barware
  • Antique Typewriter
  • Desks, Chairs & File Cabinets
  • Assorted Occasional Furniture
  • Fireplace Accessories
  • Shoes from other Countries
  • Furs, Clothing and Handbags
  • Books and more Books
  • Urns and Vases
  • Kitchenware
  • Cabinets, Armoires and Curios
  • Doll Collection
  • Stair Chair
  • Storage
  • Toys
  • and more …..

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From East: Southern Parkway to Exit 19S Peninsula 3.5 miles and keep going, crossing Sunrise Hwy. Left onto Farnum and on Broadway. Pass CVS and then past next light, Left onto Wood Land and Left on Keene. ONE SIDE PARKING ONLY PLEASE! Respect Neighbors, Parking assistance will be available to help you.

Sunday July 14th 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sunday July 14th 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Let's have a great Tag Sale experience together:

  • Do not come on to the property until the sales staff arrives and invites you to do so.
  • Please keep the sound down when waiting outside in front of the house.
  • Also, please do not block neighbor's driveways.

How The Sign Up Works:

Signup sheet will be placed in a hot-pink bag by the mail box. Do Not Remove. Signup begins at 7 a.m. on the morning of the sale. Early birds! You must be there to sign in. Spouses and friends cannot sign your name for you. Please do not sign in prior to 7 a.m. 

This signup system allows all of you to have a fair chance to be first in the door. Once we open the doors, no further sign up is necessary for those coming later. Its first come, first serve!

We look forward to seeing you!