Oh do we have a sale for you! Serious Tool and Lladro Lovers Are In For a TREAT! Items include:

  • 30+ Lladro‘s In many sizes
  • Lenox and Lots of Kitchenware 
  • Rooster Collection
  • Italian Porcelain
  • Mikasa and Other China Sets
  • Loaded Garage and basement include:
    • Southbend Engine Metal Lathe and Milwaukee Grinder
    • Drill Press by Delta, Porto Band Saw, Pneumatic Tools
    • Shafts, Pistons, Cam Shaft and Car Parts
    • Standing Tool Boxes LOADED with Hand Tools
    • Monroe Shock Absorber Wall Clock
    • Corvette ‘63-67 Wheels and Rims
    • Stroker Pistons Diagnotic Tools
    • Scales Air Compressor, 90 Lbs Pressure
    • Sand Blaster – Empire Abrasive Equipment Corp.
    • And much more. I just took a quick look around
  • Master Bedroom Set
  • Leather Sofa and 2 Recliner
  • Pair Light Up Curios
  • Striped Sofas
  • Nautical Art from World Cup and Others
  • Loads of Decorative
  • Loaded Basement and Bar Area
  • Workshop in Basement and Multiples of everything.
  • Loads of Household, Water Filtration Filters, etc
  • 3-4 New Printers in Boxes and a Dozen Boxes of Laser Jet Ink
  • Men’s Clothing and Accessories

Let's have a great Tag Sale experience together:

  • Do not come on to the property until the sales staff arrives and invites you to do so.
  • Please keep the sound down when waiting outside in front of the house.
  • Also, please do not block neighbor's driveways.

How The Sign Up Works:

Signup sheet will be placed in a hot-pink bag by the mail box. Do Not Remove. Signup begins at 7 a.m. on the morning of the sale. Early birds! You must be there to sign in. Spouses and friends cannot sign your name for you. Please do not sign in prior to 7 a.m. 

This signup system allows all of you to have a fair chance to be first in the door. Once we open the doors, no further sign up is necessary for those coming later. Its first come, first serve!

We look forward to seeing you!