Reasons for Choosing Full of Surprizes…

Full of SurprizesFull of Surprizes


  • Prior to each Tag Sale, we E-Mail approx. 13,500+ Regular customers and advertise on the Internet in Newsday,, Craig's List & on several other internet sites which we subscribe to known to tag sale goer. (We also put up lots of signs around the community to attract impulse shoppers.)

  • We believe in one-stop-shopping. Not only will we handle your tag sale needs...but if you like, we will also suggest several reputable movers and can even help you to arrange purchase of boxes at wholesale. Once the sale is over, we refer you for donations and a secondhand furniture dealer (as appropriate). We also can provide a reasonably priced partial or complete clean-out service.

  • Our honest, knowledgeable sales staff will prepare your estate professionally, so you will receive top $$$$$. We do full or partial estate liquidations. Our team has almost 40 years of combined experience providing Moving/Estate Sales!

  • When hiring us you can afford to relax in the knowledge that your estate will be liquidated in a professional, efficient manner. We are hired by you, and we will be courteous and thoughtful to your needs and possessions. WE HAVE A VERY LONG LIST OF EXTREMELY HAPPY CUSTOMERS. Ask us to show you our letters of references.

Full of Surprizes
  • Madeline is a Master's Level Social Worker who worked for 20 years as Director of a Hospital & Nursing Home Social Work/Discharge Planning Dept. She is well equipped to assist anyone who has had a recent loss, experience some memory loss or who are struggling with the stressors of the upcoming life transition.

  • We never attempt to purchase items from you prior to your sale. We feel that this is an unethical practice. However, we can refer you to reputable, quality antique dealers or collectors if that is your interest.
  • We do not privately sell for ourselves nor on E-Bay nor have a retail shop.

  • We carry liability insurance.

  • We are a registered business in Nassau County, NY and Incorporated in NYS.