Attention Tag Sale Goers

Buying or selling second hand treasures? The New York State Division of Consumer Protection recommends checking the following websites to help assure that the item has not been recalled or the subject of a safety warning: and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. For other important recall and product safety information visit the NYS Division of Consumer Protection.

Helping The Environment

I'm sure you think about the environment from time to time. But don't we all wonder how we can have any impact on such a big issue? This website will give you lots of info on where to begin...and in this case... about your outdated computers and other electronic devices... How to dispose of them properly: EPA Recycling Programs

Donate Your Unwanted Things


Nike Grind is a premium materials palette born from a regeneration process of original materials and products.Turning limited resources into limitless potential. Visit Nike website to learn more about the program and to find a location to drop of your old shoes.


For over 20 years, the National Cristina Foundation has strived to collect old machines with the goal of furnishing organizations working with the disabled. Contact the National Cristina Foundation (NCF) at 203-863-9100 or visit for more info. Their website also provides resources for Responsible Recycling of electronic equipment once it has reached scrap (e-waste) status.


Suitcases for Kids have set out to use donated luggage and backpacks to provide every kid in foster care in America with some form of traveling gear. Visit Suitcases for Kids to find out where you can donate in your community.